Remember that green space I mentioned in The Beginning. where Mallory and other ducks like to hang out?  Well, on one of my lunch break visits I noticed some small puffball mushrooms growing around the tree that overlooks the duck pond.  So the next day I went on a quick mini-forage over lunch and found these mushrooms.  10 varieties in 10 minutes!  Across the street in a yard was a big Pheasant’s Back and some kind of inky caps too.  There’s adventure everywhere.

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Largely lifted from a Facebook post (which led to finally starting this site), my 2011 Year in Review:


6 State parks in 12 different trips
12+ area parks / reserves


8 lbs. black raspberries
1 lb. wild onion
1 lb. morels
15 lbs. chanterelle
3 lbs. black trumpet
65 lbs. chicken of the woods (50 lbs. on one log)
15 lbs. lobster
5 lbs. hen of the woods
2 lbs. aborted entoloma
2 lbs. porcini
1 lb. hedgehog
2 lbs. honey
2 3/4 lb. pheasant back (1 specimen)
1 single mushroom the MMS experts thought might be “magic”.  It was not ingested.

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